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A Warrior Mama's Prayer Journal: A Year of Praying Scripture Over My Child

A Warrior Mama's Prayer Journal: A Year of Praying Scripture Over My Child

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed or unsure about where to start when it comes to praying for your children?

Have you ever experienced moments where you felt God was distant or unresponsive during difficult seasons with your children?

I can say yes to both of these questions; plus, I confess I just wanted someone to tell me how to pray powerfully and intentionally so that I would not worry quite so much! In 2016, we struggled through a year filled with physical, emotional and spiritual hardships in the lives of almost every one of my 8 children. 

Driven by my own desperate need for guidance, I created the Warrior Mama's Prayer Journal as a practical tool to anchor my prayers and witness God's faithfulness. And now, I invite you to join me on this journey of prayer.

Transform your motherhood journey and leave a legacy of faith for your children with our premium prayer journal. Designed for a year of praying for your child, each month, dive into 30 days of scripture and prayer prompts, guiding you to pray specifically over their lives. Spiritual growth, friendships, decision making, character development, protection, wisdom, and much more, each prayer becomes a sacred act of partnership with God.

Learn to stand on God's Word on your child's behalf and fight for them in prayer. Who else is praying for your child except for you? When I realized this truth, I got busy, praying and seeking God's promises for my children's lives. I've written this journal to help you do this with ease and confidence!

With a durable linen fabric cover featuring elegant gold foil lettering, this journal is both timeless and elegant. Sized at 7in x 9in and featuring durable 140gsm paper, it's designed to withstand the demands of daily use. Embrace the privilege of prayer as you anchor your hopes and dreams for your children in the promises of God's word.

Take the first step towards deepening your prayer life and nurturing your child's spiritual growth. Order the prayer journal now and discover the joy of anchoring your prayers in God's promises.

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